UMBC’s fourth annual GRIT-X talks took place on Saturday, October 12, in a tech-enabled classroom in the new Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building. GRIT-X is an active learning demonstration and series of 30-minute presentations to celebrate the passion and achievements of UMBC’s alumni, faculty and graduates students. Nine speakers shared their stories of discovery, creativity, collaboration, and perseverance, conveying compelling aspects of UMBC’s impact in the areas of research, scholarship and creative achievement. The speakers included two alumni, six faculty members, and one graduate student, representing all three UMBC colleges. Read the full story and learn more about the ILSB opening.

Videos of the GRIT-X talks are available below and via UMBCTube.

2019 Lineup

Crystal Watkins, ’95, biology
Director, Memory Clinic, Sheppard Pratt Hospital
Determination in Dementia: Perseverance Through Memory Loss

Kevin Omland
Professor, Biological Sciences, UMBC
Why Diversity Matters: Gender Biases and the Study of Female Bird Song

Tinoosh Mohsenin
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, UMBC
Micro A.I.: When Intelligence Moves to the Low Power Sensors

Premal Shah, ’98, biochemistry
Co-Founder and COO, Citizen
F!@$ Cancer: Using Your Data to Kill It

Lisa Moren
Professor, Visual Arts, UMBC
What is the Shape of Water? A Cross-Species Artwork

Mustafa Al-Adhami
Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering, UMBC
The Quest: Finding Medical Answers From the Unknown

Gregory Szeto
Assistant Professor, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, UMBC
The Frenemy Within: Mining the Wisdom and Ignorance of Our Immune System

Carolyn Forestiere
Associate Professor, Political Science, UMBC
See the World and Find Yourself: Why Study Abroad Matters

Yonathan Zohar
Professor and Chair, Marine Biotechnology, UMBC
More People Eat More Fish: Can We Prevent Empty Oceans?