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GRIT-X Talks


Fine Arts : Recital Hall

Date & Time

October 15, 2022, 2:00 pm4:00 pm


Back by popular demand, we invite you to listen and learn as some of UMBC’s most intriguing faculty and alumni minds enlighten us. 

Your 2022 GRIT-X Speakers 

Delali Dzirasa ’04

Rethinking Digital Divides: Creating Access, Experiential Learning, and Empathy in the Digital World

Vandana Janeja

Can We Reduce the Deluge in the Sea Levels with a Data Deluge?

Airi Yoshioka

Sounds of the World Through the Violin

Alicia Lynn Wilson ’04

Community Building – How to Build With Materials That are Stronger than Brick and Mortar

Minjoung Kyoung

Glucosome – 4D Visualization of the Secret Society of Metabolic Enzymes

Sebastian Deffner

The Quantum Universe is Weird, but Our World is Not –  Schrödinger’s Cat is Dead, Right?

Kaitlyn Sadtler ’11, ’22

The Many Faces of Immune Cells: Building Back Tissues After Trauma

Matthew Fagan

Green Walls or Greenwashing? Tree Planting Dreams Meet Reality

Nkiru Nnawulezi

Sometimes Systems Fail Us – Designing Alternatives for Domestic Violence Survivors

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